If You Are Injured in Any Type of Accident, We’re Here to Help

At Kauffman & Associates, we focus exclusively on personal injury and accident cases, seeking financial compensation for seriously injured clients and their families. Our success over the past 30 years is the result of our knowledge of the law, zealous advocacy, skilled negotiation, and expert litigation strategies.

Our dedicated team of legal professionals can help you or someone you know in any of the following types of cases:

• All types of motor vehicle accidents – automobile, truck or bus, motorcycle and bicycle
• Pedestrian accidents
• Slip and fall
• Defective Products
• Animal bites or attacks

You Deserve an Experienced Team

We know California injury law. We marshal the facts and advocate aggressively for our clients against the biggest insurance companies in California.

The personal injury attorneys at Kauffman & Associates can provide the experience you need. With over 30 years of experience, and millions of dollars in settlements, our staff will provide individualized and compassionate counsel, and aggressive advocacy to help ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, a dog bite, a slip and fall, a work accident, or just about any other type of injury claim, we have the expertise to represent you and vigorously protect your interests. This is why we’ve become the premier Marin County personal injury law firm for those in need of trusted and professional representation.

You Deserve A Successful Personal Injury Team

Our attorneys fight to obtain excellent financial settlements for all of our clients. We have successfully handled thousands of bodily injury cases for over three decades. Of course, we can never guarantee the results in any given case, but we routinely recover substantial monetary awards for our injured clients, including one of the largest personal injury settlements against the City and County of San Francisco in the sum of 2.4 million dollars.

Over 95% of our claims settle out of court. We have the experience to know when to settle and when to aggressively move forward for a possible court battle against an insurance company.

Nearly 100% of our new clients are referred by former clients, medical care providers, or insurance professionals – a testament to the attentive service we provide to our clients and our relentless advocacy to obtain large settlements for injured victims.

Case after case, we help injury victims recover the highest financial compensation as quickly as possible so that they can move on with their lives. We fight for your personal injury rights and will be by your side every step of the way.

We Handle Each and Every Detail of Your Case

We strive to provide an unparalleled level of personal service to our clients, while obtaining the best possible results based on the unique facts of each case. As a full service personal injury law firm, we handle every aspect of your case from your first call to your settlement.

At Kauffman & Associates, our attorneys are always available to inform and educate our clients about their individual case and the insurance claims process. To that end, we utilize an advanced state-of-the-art electronic case management system to keep our entire team current on all aspects of your case. This enables us to work more effectively as a team in quickly and efficiently processing and settling injury claims.

In most personal injury cases, we can help our clients:

• Find highly qualified doctors and/or medical professionals
• Assist in funding your medical treatment and recovery
• Negotiate your medical costs with your doctors, hospital and insurance companies at the conclusion of your case
• Resolve any property damage claim with your insurance company
• Help you obtain a rental car if your vehicle was damaged in an accident
• Establish a synergistic partnership with trial lawyers, if needed
• Provide legal services in English, Spanish, and Russian.

In short, we help our clients with any legal need associated with your injury claim. You can rely on the expertise, experience and knowledge of the attorneys and staff at Kauffman & Associates.

What People Are Saying…

“Attorney Kauffman helped me tremendously after I was hit by a Muni bus in San Francisco while crossing the street. I suffered horrible injuries and have lost the use of my arm, but Scott and his office worked tirelessly on my case and recovered over $1 million for me. I would have truly been lost without his assistance. I am told that this is the largest settlement Muni ever paid out on a case like this.” – Vlad R.

“After suffering second-degree burns when a waiter spilled coffee on me, I contacted Scott's office not knowing what to expect. Scott and his staff were there for me through every step of my treatment, and were able to recover over $200,000 for my case even though I was lucky enough not to have any permanent scarring. Thanks to his office I was able to get the medical care needed to avoid any permanent injury.” – Adam D.

“After being rear-ended on the freeway, I suffered severe neck injuries which eventually required surgery. Had it not been for Scott Kauffman and his staff I know that I would not only have received a lot less money for my suffering, but also that I would not have gotten the medical care I truly needed. After fighting on my behalf for over two years they were able to settle the case for its maximum dollar value. Although this does not make up for all of the suffering I had to endure it was comforting knowing that I had somebody fighting in my corner to get me the most for my loss.” – Marte S.

“While I was pulling a driver out of his truck, I suffered injuries that made my already bad carpal tunnel much worse. Since I wasn't involved in a car crash, I didn't even think that I could get a settlement until I contacted Scott's office. Not only was he able to secure a favorable settlement on my behalf, he was able to recover over $100,000 to cover the cost of my medical expenses.”– Maria N.