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Accidents are often jarring, unsettling and upsetting. The initial impact is violent and unexpected; the sound is disturbing and scary; the aftermath is confusing. No matter the size of the accident, the physical and emotional toll can be enormous.

Every accident is unique and every accident is very personal, yet the immediate steps involved after a car accident are straightforward.
At Kauffman & Associates, we have over 100 years of combined experience helping victims injured in accidents. Our team of legal experts is ready to help you with your personal injury case and ensure you obtain appropriate medical care and receive the maximum settlement possible to compensate for your pain and suffering.

Email us today for a complimentary consultation or call our office toll free at 1-833-507-0507 or locally at 1-415-507-0507.

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Every personal injury accident is unique. Our team of accident specialists are highly trained in personal injury law with over 100 years of combined experience. We work together to develop winning strategies to settle personal injury cases the right way.

"Listening to your story is personal and is the starting point to resolving your personal injury case."

Scott Kauffman - Personal Injury Attorney

What sets our team apart

  A Winning Strategy

Kauffman & Associates focuses only on personal injury law and began as a family business in 1989. We treat one another like family and regard our clients as valued members of our extended family and community.
We take the time to get to know our clients personally and develop a relationship of trust and support. Indeed we believe that every client deserves a seat at our dining table and we are honored to be part of their lives.

For over 3 decades, Kauffman & Associates have represented people involved in accidents and personal injuries. We pride ourselves on truly personal attention and helping our clients get appropriate medical care and settlements to compensate for the physical, emotional, and financial tolls that injuries can cause.

Our process

We work to develop winning strategies to settle personal injury cases the right way. Our expertise has helped our clients win significant settlements to compensate for pain and suffering.

1. We listen

2. We fight hard

3. We win cases

Settlement Results

$10 million

Motorcycle struck by automobile resulting in brain Injury
Auto vs. Motorcycle


Passenger in Uber vehicle


Slip and Fall
Settled for policy limits

$2.4 million

Bus Accident
Public Transportation accident - MUNI


Personal Injury - Burn victim
Settled for policy limits


Premises liability accident
Vacation rental - settled for policy limits


Pedestrian accident
Settled for policy limits

$2 Million

Wrongful death
Elderly woman tragically struck by car while in crosswalk


Auto accident
Driver rear-ended by East Bay Parks Department vehicle

$1.25 million

Driver sitting in parked car struck by auto


Bicycle accident
Bicyclist hit by auto and thrown into moving van
Settled for policy limits


Pedestrian accident
Settled for policy limits


Dog bite accident
Settled for policy limits


Three car collision
Settled for policy limits


Pedestrian accident resulting in brain injury
Settled for policy limits


Head-on auto collision


Rear-end auto accident
Settled for policy limits


Multi-vehicle rear-end collision
Settled for policy limits

We work for you.

The law protects victims of a personal injury sustained from any type of motor vehicle collision or premises liability that occurs due to the negligence or wrong-doing of another.

"I called Kauffman & Associates to consult on my case to see if I had a claim. I walked into the Alta Bates hospital at 10 PM, fell asleep in waiting room waiting to get results of my EKG and woke up at 6 AM and the hospital had told me I was discharged my name was never called nor was I ever woken by the nurses. I was never given paperwork. Finally the hospital checked me out and discharged me with no issues. I called Kauffman & Associates and many other law firms after seeing the yelp pages to see if I even have a case. Many law firms just promised to call me back and never did or just told me via yelp messages their firms case can't take the case.

However Kauffman & Associates called me back and I spoke with Michael. Michael understood the facts of the case and while I was lucky enough to be discharged with no medical issues Michael then told me that due to their being no medical problem found -- the hospital wouldn't be responsible (only if had I had a medical problem that was later found a case could be established.) But Mike with Kauffman & Associates then proceeded to tell me whom to call at the Admin offices at Alta Bates and to write a letter about the incident and guided me thru how I could still make something out of this terrible incident.

Mike w/ Kauffman & Associates spent 24m just talking to me and filling me with great knowledge I wouldn't have known otherwise. He didn't charge me or anything. From what I took away was Kauffman & Associates was the only firm out of 11 I contacted that called me back and really helped me and guided me thru dealing with this.

This firm really has great customer service and I felt like I was being taken care off even though I didn't give them a dime and didn't retain them at all. Now in the future I I'll go with these guys just cause I felt they are NOT just out to make franks per hour but to do justice for the client. Mike with the firm seemed knowledgeable and well spoken in the field and from my understanding I could trust him in front of a jury and judge. 5 stars!

Had I never called this firm I would have let it slide but now I know" - Lavish P. (San Francisco, CA)

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