Dog Bite Accidents

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Dog attacks are terrifying and extremely dangerous resulting in serious personal injury.

Dog bites can cause serious puncture wounds, broken bones, infections and scarring. Victims of dog attacks also report significant emotional trauma.

If you are the victim of a dog attack make sure to see a licensed and experienced medical professional immediately to address any wounds and to rule out potential infections.

Dog owners are responsible and liable for their animals. It does not matter if the dog is tied up, behind a fence or gate, in a park on leash, or has never acted aggressive - the owner is fully responsible for all behavior of their dog and liable for any attacks.

Kauffman & Associates has successfully represented many victims of dog attacks. We also work with local Animal Control and Enforcement agencies to confirm the dog is licensed and current with all required vaccines.

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Please contact us for a complimentary consultation. No case is too large or too small. We can help ensure that you obtain the appropriate medical care and that you receive the maximum financial settlement possible to compensate for your pain and suffering.

$340,000 Settlement for Dog Bite Accident
Settled for policy limits