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Scooter, e-bike, & GoCar Rental Accidents

Fun, quick and readily available, rentals of electric scooters such as Lime, Bird, Scoot and Skip are growing in popularity.

e-bikes such as Jump and GoCars are also the new rage. Our firm has seen an uptick in clients injured by these motorized e-rental vehicles.

While scooters, e-bikes and GoCars are convenient and small enough to zip through a city, the low profile makes them far less visible to passing motorists and greater risk for collision. Innocent pedestrian bystanders are also at risk by irresponsible users of these devices.

Injuries sustained by scooters, e-bikes and GoCar e-rentals include broken bones, lacerations, concussions, sprains and bruising. Do not delay seeking immediate medical attention from a licensed and experienced medical professional if you are injured.

Our clients injured using these devices report delayed pain and aches as the body can take a few days to fully absorb the brunt of impact. Please realize that all injuries sustained from a personal injury accident require treatment.

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