Unsolicitated Reviews for Kauffman & Associates

"I was hit by a car as a pedestrian winter of 2019. In looking for a lawyer I didn't even know where to begin. Upon talking to friends and family the Kauffman law firm came up. After speaking with past clients who had personally worked with the team, I knew I was in good hands. Everyone spoke of how compassionate and fair the law firm was. I had never worked with a lawyer prior to calling Scott at Kauffman & Associates and am so grateful that I ended up choosing them as my legal representation.

Early on I had a call to go over my case, they asked very thorough questions and more importantly laid out what the process was going to look like. Their years of experience helped make sure we went into this process with complete confidence. I was able to focus on my physical therapy and not being overwhelmed with the legal case. The Kauffman team is professional, friendly, incredibly thoughtful, and transparent throughout the entire process. They worked on my case through a pandemic, working independently (which due to my injuries, I truly appreciated, as I wasn't always in the best frame of mind due to the pain and physical therapy).

I felt taken care of from day one, throughout the process, the team consistently followed up with me and helped find the best physicians and medical professionals to deal with my injuries. Sparing no cost in making sure we had the right CAT scan and look into my well-being and healing. I trust the Kauffman team and am so grateful for their diligence and hard work. They are honest and hardworking and do everything in their power to win what is fair and appropriate based on your case. I highly recommend anyone who has suffered such a traumatic experience to look consider the Kauffman team. They are without a doubt team you want on your side. " - Karla M. (Bay Area, CA)

"I was rear ended with my children in my car. I had negotiated much of my case, including my children's cases but I thought having an attorney would help me get the settlement I deserved (I suffered severe back pain and could not get the medical help I needed). I found an attorney on yelp based on the reviews. I hired him for my case as he seemed like he could help (he did not feel that he could represent my children). In the end, he did no better than what I had negotiated and I had to pay a good chunk of my settlement to him. I wish I never found him in the first place, but lesson learned.

Fast forward and I found myself trying to negotiate with my insurance carrier on my children's med-pay reimbursement. I contacted my previous attorney to see if he could share some information on how to proceed with this and the advice was very basic and unhelpful.

Then I contacted Kauffman and Associates. Mike returned my call and he was not what I expected. Having dealt with various and numerous attorneys in the past, I did not expect the kindness and the attention that Mike afforded me. He spent an hour listening to my case and providing clear explanations about the process, my options and what he recommended. I asked the dreadful question of the cost of his services. Mike said that the case was not sufficient to take on, my having already negotiated the settlement, but that he would be happy to provide the advice pro bono. What attorney does this?!

I made some decisions based on the options he provided me, followed his directions and a couple months later, my med-pay reimbursement with my insurance carrier was settled with better satisfaction than what my first attorney had advise. Mike was there to answer calls and emails throughout the process.

I regret not having found Mike first but I am happy to have found him now. I don't write reviews often but he is worth my whole hearted recommendation." - Sarah P. (San Francisco, CA)

"I had never been involved in a lawsuit prior to calling Scott at Kauffman & Associates. After talking to him and understanding the procedure I committed to hiring him. He made it sound so effortless. I was very busy at work and was hopeful that it was going to be as easy as he explained.

I can honestly say that even during COVID he made the process uncomplicated and trouble free for me. Scott and Mike were very professional and patient. Most importantly the outcome was better that we had expected.

If you need an easy going and professional attorney who more than gets the job done, Scott is your guy. The entire lawsuit took about one month.

I hope I don't, but if I do need an attorney again I'll be calling Scott. I highly recommend him and his colleagues." - Lori D. (San Rafael, CA)

"Can't say enough about this Law firm. I was hit by a car as a pedestrian last year and sustained injuries. This law firm knows their stuff and are totally vested in ensuring your health is taken care of in addition to receiving the max compensation possible. They are extremely experienced and know the law inside and out. Scott Kauffman handled the medical side of my injury while Mike Protheroe handled the wage loss portion.

I ask a lot of questions by nature. They were patient and made sure I understood what was happening every step of the way. Really thankful to find this law firm. Due to covid do expect longer but not unreasonable wait times for responses. I found it helpful to proactively follow up on next steps and request a single point of contact to ensure clear communication and reduce mix ups." - Mira J. (San Mateo, CA)

"This law firm is a real gem, including Scott, Mike and Maria. Scott's name came from a personal recommendation from a friend at work, not a television commercial at 1:00 am! Based on our experiences with previous personal injury cases that weren't our fault, we explained that we always felt taken advantage of, and wound up paying mostly lawyer expenses. Scott and Mike explained that they don't work that way. Some law firms maximize their expenses and they require you to see their own doctors, who are usually never covered by insurance, and they charge a premium rate. Other personal injury attorneys charge you for every call, every piece of advice, so the expenses quickly add up. Scott and Mike explained they wouldn't do this.

Before we hired Scott, we researched the usual and customary expense and payout ratio for these kinds of cases, and had an idea what to expect both in worse and best cases. Mike had explained he had dozens of years of experience under his belt working with insurance companies, one advertised on television too. When it came right down to it - he explained the initial insurance offer is always way lower than expected. Towards the end, he sat down with us and explained what a fair settlement would be, and to reject the lower settlement. Within a few days after that the insurance company settled!

The expense costs for this settlement were in line with what we would expect (only a few percentage points) and we felt we were paid a very fair amount based on the injuries and pain suffered. We highly recommend Scott Kauffman as your legal team. This team is very honest and will work hard to get you the settlement you deserve! They definitely deserve 5 out of 5 stars!" - Eric L. (Rohnert Park, CA)

"I can't say enough about Scott Kauffman. He saved me! Really without his help I don't know what I would have done. He new all the right questions to ask me and then took that information to move forward. He sent numerous emails, so there was documentation, and he made many, many phone calls and spent time sifting thru an unprofessional, unorganized and corrupt "business ". They tried many times to find a way to get out of paying the money that was legitimately owed. Scott did not let it go and kept fighting for me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate his knowledge, persistence, his ability to keep me feeling taken care of by checking in often.

REALLY I would recommend Scott to anyone who wants to get something done! If Scott can't do it nobody can!" - Marla B. (San Rafael, CA)

"Handled my car accident professionally and quickly! They are great negotiators and will advocate for you! Honest and up front with you about your potential outcome and fees, etc." - Renu C. (Fremont, CA)

"My parents needed some legal advice because of a accident with a pedistrian. Because my parents english were broken and didn't understand how to navigate through demands and the potential threat of a lawsuit; we sought Mike and Scott.

When I called the firm, Mike's schedules were all booked.Mike still was able make room and meet with my parents to help them out and provided legal advice. Not only did Mike provided legal advice, Mike was able to go above and beyond by representing and speaking on their behalf to the adjuster; as my parents english are broken. This put my parents more at eased.

At the end of the consultation and the legal advice, I asked Scott and Mike to bill us. Scott and Mike said that they would not charge my parents. It was this kind gesture and how they wanted to fight for people being taken advantage of, such as in the case with my parents and also because of their professionalism and their willingness to go above and beyone that I would highly RECOMMEND this law firm." - Scott L. (North & East, Richmond, CA)

"I was referred to Kauffman & Assoc. by a business associate of mine and this is by far an easy task to write a review of my experience. My case recently settled and words can't express my feelings when I received the phone call that it was over. Throughout this entire process Scott Kauffman, Mike Protheroe and the entire team at Kauffman were diligent about staying on top of my treatments and progress.

Their attention to detail and paperwork exceeded my expectations as did my settlement. I always felt that I was more than just a client and that my injuries were valid and mattered not just to me but to them as well.

When Mike called with news of my settlement I cried; not just because it was over but also because I felt that all the pain and all the discomfort I had experienced were finally validated. I was no longer the victim but rather a survivor. I would without hesitation, recommend Kauffman & Associates and I am so happy and grateful that they were recommended to me." - Suzanne H.(Marin County, CA)

"The only law firm you will ever need to represent you! Mike Protheroe in particular was extremely helpful to me in a personal injury case and I am so grateful to his excellent representation & professionalism.

Look no further if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to find an attorney." - Lauren F. (San Rafael, CA)

"If you have been in accident call Scott Kauffman immediately. Scott and the awesome people on his team are caring and thorough. I was rear ended; my car totaled and I was injured, and had no idea what to do. Scott met with me, discussing the particulars of my accident and was willing to help me. Scott is very straight forward and was able to help me navigate a difficult and long process." - Jennifer S. (Petaluma, CA)

"After a very bad accident in 2008, I contact Scott Kauffman, who was diligent in advocating for me & getting me a settlement.In 2017, I was again in a very bad accident, injured even worse. Again I turned to Kauffman & Associates, immediately. Mike took good care of me this time, fighting to get me the best settlement.

While I feel both settlements SHOULD have been far more, I understand the industry has changed in the last 20yrs, & payouts have been greatly reduced. (Another reason for massive regulation of the insurance industries!) I feel Mike & the team deserve greater compensation for the job they did, as well I do, for all I've been thru & continue to go thru as a result of this incident, but I appreciate the medical bills have been handled, & I have something I can apply to further treatment." - Ric L. (San Francisco, CA)

"I pray you NEVER need a Personal Injury Attorney. But, if you find you do, please call Scott at Kauffman & Associates. Scott and his team represented me, and the passengers in my car, after we were violently struck and hurled into a multi-car crash on a Bay Area Freeway.

The repeat reckless driving offender who hit us, was operating his borrowed vehicle with a suspended license. He had NO insurance coverage. My car was "totaled", my passengers were injured, and I sustained several life changing injuries.

I am so grateful to Scott and his team of "Top Shelf Professionals". This was a very complex case, made simple. All bills are paid. My passengers and I have received great medical care and the very best in legal representation. We did nothing to negotiate with healthcare providers or insurance carriers. Kauffman & Associates handled everything!" - Dan G. (Daly City, CA)

"I've always been impressed by how well Scott Kauffman and his staff treat their clients. They find the appropriate care for them quickly and follow up as the case progresses. As a chiropractor, he has always been open and fair concerning payment of bills. He is currently the only lawyer that I will accept a lien from because I can trust him." - Jonathan Smith

"Scott and the team did a fantastic job for me. They are highly organized and well connected with a network of professionals. They respond to emails and voice messages quickly and are very customer oriented.

If you are considering this firm to help you - look no further you have found the best. Scott, thanks again and wish you and the team the very best!" - Ray Stendall

"Scott Kauffman & his entire staff are the best! I have been amazed at the level of customer service. They answer the phones and return phone calls in a timely fashion. They made me feel like my case was the most important case they are handling. Great job guys." - Josepj Scott Cady

"I had a great experience with Kauffman and Associates. They were very responsive to meeting my concerns and interests. They explained everything clearly every step along the way.

They returned calls and emails in a timely and professional manner. They were experienced professions who handled my case firmly and fairly. They had credibility with the court and opposing counsel. The outcome was a fair settlement that satisfied all my medical costs and future concerns. I whole heartedly recommend them. Thank you for your hard work, professionalism, and dedication on my case." - Ruben Grijalva

"I was involved in an 8 vehicle crash and each insurance company was blaming the other. Scott Kauffman was able to sort out the mess and I was taken care of throughout the entire duration of the case.

He was able obtain a quick settlement and the service was easy and fantastic." - Aristotle Andros

"I am extremely satisfied with the attention and professionalism of Kauffman's. They got me a great settlement! Highly recommended!" - Marlon Ramos

"It was great working with Scott and the team. I was well taken care of and received great advice and a good settlement. I highly recommend them." - Diane Morrison

"Scott and his team turned what was a horrible experience into an opportunity for us to heal. Their dedication to our case, continuous communication and support allowed us to focus on healing after our accident.

Scott was able to provide us with the best possible outcome. When the other side continuously pushed back he knew what to do and how to approach them.

We are much better off than we were before this accident, which is really hard to believe, but entirely attributable to Scott's expertise and the service of his team!" - Keith Jayne

"These folks are awesome. I was treated very well. Communication is on point. I couldn't be happier with their service. Thank you!!!" - Jose Rivera

"These guys are great saved me a lot of hassle. Also their prompt handling of my medical issues related to the accident went above and beyond what I would have expected of anybody. 5 stars all night long!" - DD M.

"Kauffman & Associates are the best attorneys I have ever had to deal with. No one likes to feel hopeless and lost especially if you're in pain after an accident. I literally thought I was at the end of the line and had nowhere to turn until my chiropractor in Walnut Creek told me to call Scott Kauffman and let his group take care of me. I can honestly say it was one of the best phone calls of my life. At no point in time I ever made to feel that any of my questions were redundant or I was being bothersome. They were always available for me whether by phone email text fax or any means necessary.

They think outside of the box and represented me in a way that took care of me not just financially but emotionally physically and spiritually too. I don't know what I would have done without Scott. If I could give them 50 stars I would.

Please, if you're ever in an unfortunate situation and need the help of trusted professionals that really do care, and aren't in it just for themselves or for money, do yourself the best favor you ever can and call them, they will take care of you. Thank you again to all of your amazing team Kauffman & Associates, I feel like my life is finally being pieced back together again and I can once again wake up happy knowing that you guys took care of me the very best you could." - Chel W.

"I've been a client of Atty. Scott Kauffman and he did the very for me to get agood settlement and after that i had reccomended Scott Kauffman to all my friends that need a lawyer and the result was a very happy clients. Thanks atty. Scott Kauffman for helping us to get a good settlement." - Vito Noceda

"The VERY BEST Personal Injury Lawyers in the Bay Area...PERIOD & END OF STORY! I got involved into motorcycle accident 6 months ago this past January 22 2019 to which I was thrown completely over the handle bars from my motorcycle and landed squarely on my head landed with my full 180 Lb. weight in the middle of hwy. 880 freeway by the Union Landing exit and I suffered a Inter cerebral Hematoma, equivalent to someone hitting you with a baseball bat on the head in full swing.

The CHP were there the fire department the local cops and I was taken to Kaiser hospital in the Fremont Area. I was in the hospital and through cad scan the doctors told me that my brain was bleeding from inside my skull.

The good news was my brain stopped bleeding after the 4th scan but I was in the hospital for days. I left the hospital then I got a call from Scott Kauffman, a lawyer that represented MANY of my brother in law's friends and he agreed to take my case.

We were in constant contact and I provided everything that he needed to have a good case from my hospital records to my hospital discharge and everything else in between.

I'm SO GLAD that he represented me and He's my Very First Legal counsel. So now I tell everyone who has personal injuries who needs a lawyer to represent them that Scott Kauffman & Associates is the Premier Legal counsel that everyone needs and forget those lawyers on tv for they're the "Ambulance Chasers" and you don't want that. Real Good Lawyers? Their work and past clients speaks for them like me that's why I Highly Recommend Scott Kauffman And Associates....give them a call and you'll be glad you did!" - Joel A. (Hayward, CA)

"If you Looking for a law firm that can deliver then this is the one. I had a car accident a year ago and didn't know how to handle things till I met with Scott and Mike, they put everything on ease and took care of everything for me which took away half of my pain. I focused on my recovery without any worries as they work on delivering a great settlement for me.

Great staff, awesome communication and always there for you anytime you have a concern.


"A close friend of mine read a Yelp review about this law firm. He knew i was in need of legal advice after a major fall that involved major injuries. The insurance firm was not about to cover me. When Scott stepped in, the table turned radically from Zero Fault to 100% Fault and a total pay out to the max of the policy.... It was a win win for me and the Scott's law firm! When you decide to work with Scott's firm, be patient !!!

Work closely with him on obtaining all the info he needs. All the details help enormously on bringing your case to a most favorable result in your favor! Scott was able to turn the tide and make it work beautifully in the end. I highly recommend his team. You will not regret it !!! " - Vic.O.

"I should of called Scott before I talked to Insurance Claims. Unfortunately I had not and I lost significant amount of money. Lesson learned.

Amazing fact is that Scott spent 40 min listening to my story and providing great advice without mentioning any fees. Scott was so nice to even follow up on me sending e-mail! I honestly do not remember when/if there was a time talking to an Attorney and getting very good advice with perfect service without any pressure." - Slav L. (San Francisco, CA)

"When dealing with an accident and personal injury, most of us do not know where to start. It is not something we planned for or expected. This is why is it is crucial to choose the right personal injury attorney who will have your best interests at heart.

Scott Kauffman at Kauffman & Associates in San Rafael is that attorney. He is patient, knowledgeable, experienced, and most importantly he is genuinely caring. He and his team place their customers first regardless the size of the personal injury claim.

He is the personal injury attorney I recommend to our family and friends." - Virginie D. (Petaluma, CA)

""I was ready to give up on getting any kind of settlement from being seriously rear-ended by a big Chevy Blazer. Scott Kauffman patiently took my case and he and his staff walked me through the process of lining up all the information and documentation. It took a while, but they were diligent. Yesterday, to my pleasant surprise, I received notice that I will be getting a nice fat check!

And this was after both Scott Kauffman and Associates and my doctor received their well-deserved fees. Very satisfying experience, indeed." - Tom H. (San Francisco, CA)

"I was in an accident in May where I was rear-ended and left rather high and dry by my insurance. Two separate friends recommended Scott Kauffman! He spent an incredible amount of time with me going over all of the particulars of the accident and helping me understand the process I was about to go through. In the end, I successfully negotiated a property damage settlement, and I have a strong packet for the personal injury settlement. It's been great knowing that I've got Scott in my corner!" - Laura R. (San Francisco, CA)

"This heavy experienced law office strongly fought hard to attain a favorable decision for me and they had a network of medical professionals to get me back on track. Along the way I had many questions answered that had the temporary caveat of complex self worries solved, RAPIDLY. Kauffman & Associates will fight heavy handed, feverishly hard for getting your legal & health needs met, you WILL receive exceptional solutions from this law office.

In my opinion when choosing a attorney it is exponentially important to act absolutely fast, and NOT procrastinate or read those haphazardly amateur blogs you found from google which mislead you, you need to hire a experienced attorney, IMMEDIATELY.

An elderly successful retired business man told me years ago you will never lose clarity, sleep or your money by hiring a great attorney. Luckily I took that wise man's advice and hired Scott Kauffman.

Get rid of your stress, get personal attention, world class advice, professional help and get back to your normal life. Go with this law office, your problems will be mitigated & solved. You will feel like you are the only client, and not a number.

I will always recommend Kauffman & Associates to my family and friends, if (gosh forbid) they need a real professional's help.

If you the possible client are reading my Yelp review right now, you were like me, attempting to untangling complex questions, with many worries on your plate and it was awful before I hired Scott. Scott & Associates will wipe out your stress and fix your road ahead.

Pick up the phone and give Scott a call because like I said above this Law Office will make you breath easier, as they did for me.

Thank you Scott and team!!! I utterly appreciate all the help I received and it was amazing to see you all in action, I lucked out by being referred to your office.

Best regards!" - Daniel S. (Rohnert Park, CA)

"I was rear ended commuting to work around 830am in March. The guy who hit me didn't appear sober. To make a long story short, when I denied him paying me a cash settlement that he offered (amongst other crazy comments) and then told him we were going to call the cops he jumped in his car, almost ran me over, and sped away. I was literally lying on his hood and lucky to roll off to the side. Fortunately I got the plate and he was caught but that's not why I'm writing the review.

I'm writing the view because Scott Kauffman handled my case. The other insurance company was manipulating facts and trying to avoid any injury claim settlements. My back and neck were hurt, still hurt today, not to mention the 10k in damage (including frame damage) to my limited edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. Scott navigated through insurance companies, the doctors, and everything else and got me a fair settlement. We even had to sue the insurance company because they were not being fair...I have lost a lot of respect for Farmers. Thank you Scott!" - Mike G. (San Rafael, CA)

"I was hit by a van while walking my dog and the guy fled the scene. Luckily the police were able to track him down, but he was still telling his insurance co that he didn't hit me. Scott was able to move my case out of their fraud department and once I was finished treating, got a good settlement for me. Throughout the process he and his staff were very professional and attentive. I can't tell you how much it helped reduce my stress having him handle all of this for me. It let me focus on getting well." - Jonathan S. (San Rafael, CA)

"Scott Kauffman & his entire staff are the best! I have been amazed at the level of customer service. They answer the phones and return phone calls in a timely fashion. They made me feel like my case was the most important case they are handling. Great job guys." - Scott C. (Sunnyvale, CA)

"I met Mr Kauffman, after I got into a serious taxi accident. He is personable, very knowledgable and very honest and upfront. He is a fantastic lawyer and he helped me get the maximum compensation for my injuries. Without him I am sure I would have been way under compensated by the insurance company. I would recommend him to all my friends and family if they ever needed a personal injury attorney." - Gregory J. (San Francisco, CA)

"Excellent service, friendly, was able to successfully get compensation for car accident related pain and suffering, medical bills, and very personal service considering my condition Scott accommodated by driving from San Rafael to SF. Very nice personality, ability to achieve results and get fair compensation for his services. Highly recommend to anyone who've had a car accident, injury or any other issues related to his practice." - Josef A. (Daly City, CA)

"I was referred to Kauffman & Associates after sustaining an injury in an auto accident. The whole Kauffman staff was great. They patiently listened to both my concerns and my questions (thanks especially for the patience...).

He provided excellent advice and guidance which helped me to better understand and undertake decisions. He was never aggressive and I always felt he was working first and foremost for me. Thanks so much. I'm forever grateful" - Justin W. (Tiburon, CA)

"I broke my foot falling through the floor at the space I rented office space from, and being the type of person who preferred to 'not make a fuss' I was really apprehensive about suing my landlord for the incident. My case obviously wasn't a huge case since it was merely a broken foot, but it could have been much worse. Scott Kauffman made sure I felt secure about the entire process, he let me wait until I had secured a new business location before proceeding with the case and sent me to a special foot doctor to make sure everything was on track with my foot healing. I had really poor insurance with a really high deductible and had put off going to the doctor b/c I couldn't afford it at all.

Due to the difficulty of the case and my landlord flat out lying about the incident we didn't proceed forward with the case, and a year later I received a bill from the foot doctor which my insurance couldn't be billed for, yikes! Scott was able to take care of the bill for me and I'm forever grateful. Hopefully I'll never have another need to use his services, but if I do I'll be calling him. He is extremely patient, knowledgable and philanthropic. I believe he truly wants to help you and isn't pushy or expecting you to embellish or do anything that doesn't feel right for you." - Kimba R. (Oakland, CA)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Scott Kauffman and let me say that he is the BEST attorney to chose when it comes to having someone represent you in case of a car accident. Things happen, accidents happen, so when it comes to the legal issues its always such a big relief to know such great attorney exists who listens to you, knows exactly every step in the process, is on your side and helps you through everything, explains everything to you so very clearly, always available to you if you need to call or talk to him or his team, his staff is great, his assistant does a great job at relaying any message to him and he is very good at getting back to you, you never have to worry if your case is in the hands of Mr. Scott Kauffman and his associates. I highly highly highly recommend his firm." - Mory N. (Walnut Creek, CA)

"Scott got an excellent result for me after I was rear-ended on 101 through no fault of my own. I was shocked that my own insurance company, USAA, was not very helpful, despite 25 years of coverage and never a claim filed. I had had back surgery before I was hit, and was very concerned about after-arising pain and long-term damage from the accident. Scott helped me deal with USAA and immediately contacted the other driver's insurer, AAA. He helped make sure my car was quickly repaired, and that I got the medical care I needed, including an MRI, orthopedic and neurological evaluations, and ongoing chiropractic. His demand letter to AAA was great, and his follow-up negotiations won a much better award than I thought we'd get. He was also able to reduce the amount of medical bills I had to repay my insurance company out of the award by negotiating directly with service providers. He and his staff were very caring, and explained what was happening at every step of the process.There is a lot to know about personal injury law, and a lot of negotiations. You have to have an experienced professional on your side. I learned that Scott has been successfully representing injured people for 25 years, and that he is respected by insurance company adjusters. Most of his clients come to him from referrals from people he has helped. I would recommend him in a heartbeat." - Mary G. (San Rafael, CA)

"I have used this office for several cases and it has always been a positive experience. Scott Kauffman is an extremely knowledgable and efficient attorney who will fight for his clients. He absolutely gets the best results and I couldn't be happier with their services. I would recommend these services to everyone. Definitely a must use if you have ever had any accident in your lifetime." - Art T. (San Bruno, CA)

"I just settled my injury case in which I was represented by Kaufman law. While there were a couple hiccups along the way I can say that Scott always did his best to resolve them. Scott was attentive and I am very pleased with the way everything turned out. I received the settlement I expected and a bit more! I would highly recommend Kaufman Law and although I hope to never need them again, I would definitely use them should the need arise. Thanks Scott!" - Marcos Carvajal (CA)