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"Connecting with my client is vital to the successful resolution of each personal injury case. I want to hear your story and work together to find a solution."

Scott Kauffman became a personal injury accident attorney to help people who have been victims of negligence or wrong-doing at the hands of others. Providing support and guidance when people are most vulnerable is almost a higher calling and this notion of giving back is deeply ingrained in Scott's background.
Scott's grandparents came to the US through Ellis Island in the 19th century seeking a better life. His parents grew up during the Depression and learned the value of hard work and the importance and honor of helping others in need. These generational experiences left an indelible mark on Scott and created the backbone of his focus on family, friends and community.

Kauffman & Associates focuses only on personal injury law and began as a family business in 1989. We treat one another like family and regard our clients as valued members of our extended family and community. We take the time to get to know our clients personally and develop a relationship of trust and support. Indeed we believe that every client deserves a seat at our dining table and we are honored to be part of their lives.
Personal injury accidents are scary, harrowing and painful. Moreover, they are disruptive to our daily lives and the trauma and recovery can be difficult. Our focus is always on the individual, on the person, on you. We know that every accident and every recovery is unique.

Our team of accident specialists are highly trained in personal injury law with over 100 years of combined experience. We work together to develop winning strategies to settle personal injury cases the right way. Our expertise has helped our clients win significant settlements to compensate for pain and suffering.

Contact us if you need expert representation for your personal injury from a law firm that places you at our table. Just like family.

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What clients say?

After being rear-ended on the freeway, I suffered serious neck injuries which eventually required surgery. Had it not been for Scott Kauffman and his staff I know that I would not only have received a lot less money for my suffering, but also that I would not have gotten the medical care I truly needed. After fighting on my behalf for over two years they were able to settle the case for its maximum dollar value. Although this does not make up for all of the suffering I had to endure it was comforting knowing that I had somebody fighting in my corner to get me the most for my loss.

Marte S.

What clients say?

Attorney Kauffman helped me tremendously after I was hit by a Muni bus in San Francisco while crossing the street. I suffered horrible injuries and have lost the use of my arm, but Scott and his office worked tirelessly on my case and recovered over $1 million for me. I would have truly been lost without his assistance. I am told that this is the largest settlement Muni ever paid out on a case like this.

Vlad R.

What people say?

After suffering second-degree burns when a waiter spilled coffee on me, I contacted Scott's office not knowing what to expect. Scott and his staff were there for me through every step of my treatment, and were able to recover over $200,000 for my case even though I was lucky enough not to have any permanent scarring. Thanks to his office I was able to get the medical care needed to avoid any permanent injury.

Adam D.

Settlement Results

Motorcycle Accidents

photo of motorcyle accident with caption $10 million - Motorcycle struck by automobile resulting in brain injury

Bus Accidents

photo of bus with caption $2.4 million - Bus accident - Public transportation accident - MUNI

Shared Rides Accidents

photo of driver looking at his phone with caption $645,000 - Passenger in Uber vehicle


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