Articles about Car Accidents & Injuries

Car accidents are jarring, unsettling and upsetting.

The initial impact is violent; the sound is disturbing and scary; the aftermath is confusing. No matter the size of the accident, the physical and emotional toll can be enormous. Every accident is unique and every accident is very personal, yet serious the immediate steps involved after a car accident are straightforward.

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foot stepping onto swimming pool ladder
Summertime Accidents and Injuries
Kauffman Team | 03 Jun 2021
As the weather warms up and more and more Californians are vaccinated, people are venturing out to participate in their favorite summer activities. It is exciting to enjoy the sunshine and activities that are not always available during the winter; ...
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self driving car
Self Driving Car Crashes
Kauffman Team | 12 Apr 2021
Technological advances are usually exciting and make our society safer and more efficient. Milestones in self driving vehicle technology have made the news many times in recent years. However, new technology such as this comes with unexpected costs ...
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cars on bridge
Kauffman Team | 19 Feb 2021
A dashboard camera, or dash cam, is a useful piece of technology that could potentially help strengthen a legal case if you are in an accident. A dash cam will record the road while you are driving and can capture footage should a collision occur. T...
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rain on window
Bad Weather and Driving Conditions
Kauffman Team | 27 Jan 2021
As California prepares for large rainstorms, it is important to be aware of the additional driving hazards created by inclement weather. Motorists must be extra cautious when driving in rain: roads may be slick and flooded, visibility may be poor, a...
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empty road in fog
Driving while Sleep Deprived
Kauffman Team | 17 Sep 2020
Driving while sleep deprived is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents, yet very few people are aware of the risks of getting behind the wheel while drowsy. Lack of sleep results in slower reaction times, poor judgement, and inattentiv...
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freeway overpasses cars
Speeding and Vehicular Accidents
Kauffman Team | 11 Jun 2020
Although citizens may be sheltering in place to avoid the risk of COVID-19, our streets and freeways are not safer: emptier roads have recently led to an increase in dangerous driving.  Although traffic volume in California has decreased by app...
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car accident scene with police yellow tape and caption police line do not cross
Hit and Run Accidents
Kauffman Team | 13 Feb 2020
A hit and run accident in San Francisco’s Mission district left 2 critically injured this past Wednesday. The driver, who initially fled the scene, eventually returned showing signs of “alcohol or drug impairment,” according to officers. In...
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older woman driving a car
Older Drivers
Kauffman Team | 12 Dec 2019
As the life expectancy steadily grows in the United States, so does the number of older drivers on the road. According to the Federal Highway Administration, there were 28 million licensed drivers 70 years or older in 2017, about 8% of the populatio...
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san francisco at night
San Francisco reports significant increase in pedestrian and car accidents
Kauffman Team | 20 Sep 2019
If you live in San Francisco, your risk of being involved in an auto accident is on the rise. Due to a significant population increase over the last few years, as well as the introduction of rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber, San Francisco has...
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man texting and driving
Distracted Driving – Texting and Driving
Kauffman Team | 30 Aug 2019
It seems obvious that texting while driving increases one’s chance of causing a car accident or being in one. In fact a driver texting is about 25% more likely to be a car crash compared to an attentive driver. Each year the US Department of Tran...
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crane at scrap yard and totaled cars
Total Loss of your Car
Kauffman Team | 30 Aug 2019
When the cost of repairing a damaged vehicle is more than the value (or a percentage of the value) of the vehicle if it hadn’t been involved in an auto accident, then the vehicle is considered a total loss, or “totaled”. Your property damage ...
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