Articles about Bicyle Accidents & Injuries

Bicycle accidents can happen in the blink of an eye resulting in serious injuries.

Sharing the road with automobiles is a daily hazard that often catch bicycle riders unaware. Defendant auto drivers often state they simply did not see the bicycle at the time of collision. This is not a defense nor does it relieve the driver from liability.

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foot stepping onto swimming pool ladder
Summertime Accidents and Injuries
Kauffman Team | 03 Jun 2021
As the weather warms up and more and more Californians are vaccinated, people are venturing out to participate in their favorite summer activities. It is exciting to enjoy the sunshine and activities that are not always available during the winter; ...
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helmet and bike on ground after a crash
Bike Safety
Kauffman Team | 17 Dec 2020
While traveling by bicycle is a fun, effective, and environmentally friendly way to get around, there are dangers that come along with it. There are two main types of bicycle accidents: falls, which are most common, and those involving cars, which a...
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E-bike Accidents
Kauffman Team | 22 Aug 2020
By now, you’ve likely heard of - or seen - E-bikes in your neighborhood. E-bikes look identical to normal bicycles, and come equipped with a battery powered motor that activates when the rider begins to pedal. The power of these motors varies wide...
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E-Bike Accidents Lawyer
Kauffman Team | 09 Jul 2020
Since the Covid-19 lock-downs, more and more citizens have flocked to outdoor public spaces - often on E-Bikes. E-Bikes are bicycles equipped with electric motors aimed to assist cyclists throughout their ride and reduce physical strain. In light of...
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car accident scene with police yellow tape and caption police line do not cross
Hit and Run Accidents
Kauffman Team | 13 Feb 2020
A hit and run accident in San Francisco’s Mission district left 2 critically injured this past Wednesday. The driver, who initially fled the scene, eventually returned showing signs of “alcohol or drug impairment,” according to officers. In...
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mountain bike in marin county california
Marin County reports high number of bicycle accidents
Kauffman Team | 20 Sep 2019
With its steep hills, winding roads, and stunning views, its no small wonder that Marin County is one of the best biking destinations in the state. But for cyclists and pedestrians alike, it’s also one of the most dangerous. In 2018, the Marin IJ...
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