E-Bike Accidents Lawyer

Since the Covid-19 lock-downs, more and more citizens have flocked to outdoor public spaces – often on E-Bikes. E-Bikes are bicycles equipped with electric motors aimed to assist cyclists throughout their ride and reduce physical strain. In light of recent changes to federal law, E-Bike usage is now permitted on recreational trails. Sadly, this has led to a sharp increase in bicycle accidents, often resulting in bone fractures, head injuries, and spinal cord injuries. 

E-Bikes are powerful, offering motor assistance at speeds of up to 28 mph – far faster than the average cyclist travels. They also accelerate quicker than normal bicycles, further increasing the likelihood of losing control. In addition, the promise of an easier ride has made steeper trails more accessible to beginners who are often not as skilled at navigating challenging terrain. This, coupled with the sharp increase of cyclists on these trails, has created a far more hazardous environment for cyclists and pedestrians. 

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