Are you a Lyft or Uber driver in California?

close up of car wheel with hand about to use horn

Did you know that your personal auto insurance provider may drop you from their coverage if they find out that you’re a rideshare driver? This is one of the ugly hidden facts behind rideshare companies, and one of the reasons that you’ll want to invest in a rideshare insurance policy.

Rideshare insurance is split up into 3 periods:

Period 1 – The driver has the app switched on and is waiting for a passenger request
Period 2 – The driver has accepted a request and is en route to the passenger
Period 3 – The passenger is in the vehicle and en route to the destination

Uber and Lyft offer a limited insurance policy which provides collision protection only during periods 2 and 3, leaving the driver without coverage during the often lengthy waiting period 1. If the driver is involved in an auto accident during periods 2 or 3, they will receive coverage, but will be forced to pay an expensive deductible ($1,000 for Uber and $2,500 for Lyft). A rideshare policy closes this gap by providing full coverage for periods 1-3, as well as lower deductibles if you are involved in an auto accident. The following is a list of insurance companies which offer rideshare insurance policies in California:

– State Farm
– Allstate
– Mercury
– Geico
– Esurance
– Metlife

If you or a loved one has been involved in a rideshare related accident, please contact Kauffman and Associates for a complimentary consultation. No case is too big or small. We can help ensure you obtain appropriate medical care and receive the maximum financial settlement possible for your pain and suffering.