E-Scooters Threaten Pedestrian Safety

scooters on sidewalk

The days of pedestrian only sidewalks are over. E-scooters are now in almost every major US city. Their affordability, ease of use, and convenience have made E-scooters particularly attractive to families and teenagers, all of whom can be seen careening down sidewalks and blowing through stop signs – with not a helmet in sight. California state law dictates a variety of safety regulations, limiting where E-Scooters can be operated and requiring possession of a California State drivers license or provisional permit. Unfortunately, due to ignorance or lack of enforcement, these laws often go ignored.

While regulations at the state level exist, the speed at which companies such as Bird, Lime, and Jump have deployed their product line has left many local governments behind, and laws often vary from city to city. Some municipalities have gone so far as to ban E-Scooters completely. And it makes sense. While E-Scooters may offer a convenient way to get around town, they provide little in terms of consumer protection. People over 18 are not required to wear a helmet, and California state law currently allows the parking of scooters on sidewalks, so long as they do not block building entrances, driveways, or utilities. Many cities now find themselves littered with dozens of idle scooters, posing an increased trip and fall risk to the elderly and disabled.

At least half a dozen riders have already lost their lives due to vehicle malfunction, while countless others (riders and pedestrians alike) have found themselves in the emergency room with injuries usually associated with serious car accidents. These injuries include but are not limited to broken bones and fractures, lacerations, and blunt force head trauma.

To no one’s surprise, E-Scooter companies have done their best to release themselves of any accident liability in their terms of use agreements. Once you accept, you waive your legal rights. At least that’s what Bird, Lime, and Jump want you to think.

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man riding e-scooter on sidewalk