Marijuana and Driving

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Although the recreational use of marijuana is legal in the state of California, driving while under the influence of marijuana is not. It is a crime with possible penalties including fines, mandatory DUI school, a suspended or revoked driver’s license and jail or prison time. While driving under the influence of any substance is dangerous, many Californians are not familiar with the state’s marijuana DUI laws. Unlike alcohol DUI laws, there is no legal bloodstream concentration limit for THC. 

Motorists driving under the influence of marijuana may experience slower reaction times, impaired judgement of distance and time, and decreased coordination. This can lead to poorer attention to the road, lane weaving, and, of course, vehicle crashes. Driving under the influence is dangerous to the driver, passengers, and others on the road. It is important to remember that if you are under the influence of marijuana, just as with alcohol, you should refrain from driving—instead, opt for choosing a designated driver or using a ride share service to get home safely.

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