Property Damage Claim

two cars with damage after collision

Property damage claims cover your motor vehicle and any personal property inside the vehicle that may have been damaged as a result of the accident. Property damage claims are typically straightforward and often resolved within the first 30 days after an accident. We offer a step by step automobile repair guide to assist in this process. 

Complete a Traffic Accident Report form or SR-1 through the California DMV. This is required for any auto accident in which a) there is property damage that exceeds $1,000; b) anyone is injured, no matter how serious or minor the injury; c) anyone is killed in the accident.

Be sure to take photos of your vehicle inside and out as well as the surrounding accident site. Include written detailed information about the accident.

We recommend obtaining a few written property damage estimates from reputable body shops. This places you in a better position to discuss the property damage settlement with the claims adjuster. The insurance company may also be able to negotiate with the auto body shop for a specific cost.

Please contact Kauffman & Associates, auto accident lawyers if you have additional questions regarding your property damage claim.

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