COVID-19 has profoundly changed our world and daily lives

COVID-19 has profoundly changed our world and daily lives. What was unimaginable is now our new normal. Thanks to the foresight of local health directors in the seven Bay Area counties and California State Governor Newsom, we have been sheltering in place since mid-March. This has dramatically slowed the rate of infection and deaths. Few of us know anyone who has tested positive for coronavirus. 

Still, we are all impacted by the change in lifestyle and downturn in the economy. We are working at home, schools are closed and young children are learning remotely, adult children are living with parents, we limit trips to the grocery store and wear protective masks when we venture out. Moreover, businesses remain closed and countless workers are now unemployed. This challenge affects us all.

The staff at Kauffman & Associates continue to adhere to the shelter in place directive and are working remotely. We are grateful to our clients for their continued trust in us. We know the importance of constant communication and we take this responsibility seriously. As always, we remain available to assist with any personal injury needs.

While COVID-19 has changed our lives, personal injuries are random and still occur. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident resulting in a personal injury, please contact Kauffman & Associates to discuss your case. Our reliable team of accident specialists have over 100 years of experience. In the meantime, stay safe and wash your hands!