man texting and driving
Distracted Driving – Texting and Driving
Kauffman Team | 30 Aug 2019
It seems obvious that texting while driving increases one’s chance of causing a car accident or being in one. In fact a driver texting is about 25% more likely to be a car crash compared to an attentive driver. Each year the US Department of Tran...
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crane at scrap yard and totaled cars
Total Loss of your Car
Kauffman Team | 30 Aug 2019
When the cost of repairing a damaged vehicle is more than the value (or a percentage of the value) of the vehicle if it hadn’t been involved in an auto accident, then the vehicle is considered a total loss, or “totaled”. Your property damage ...
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two cars with damage after collision
Property Damage Claim
Kauffman Team | 29 Aug 2019
Property damage claims cover your motor vehicle and any personal property inside the vehicle that may have been damaged as a result of the accident. Property damage claims are typically straightforward and often resolved within the first 30 days aft...
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